During the last decade, we’ve seen social media grow and evolve from simple communities to multibillion-dollar businesses. While there is no doubt these platforms have created amazing opportunities to connect people around the world and gave tools for brands to reach customers at scale, more and more users have started to question the impact of social media on our well-being.

According to a survey from Global Web Index, 70% of internet users in the US have tried to moderate their digital consumption in some way during the last 12 months.

Concerns about privacy, conflicts of interests, and social media incentives have been regular topics in 2018 and I believe there is a need for alternatives. 

Please note that what follows is just based on my own observations and opinions.

A non-exhaustive list of things that should be fixed on social media:


As you will notice, I’m not a web designer or expert in UI-UX. 

Basic experience explained

Home screen

A simple minimal interface giving back the power to users to search for who they want to interact with and killing the everlasting debate between chronological and algorithm-based feeds.


Social media profiles today are static leaving little space for the users to be creative. Just like on their website, users should be able to choose what background color, font, and layout they want to use to display their updates. They should also be able to curate all type of contents in one platform and not have to switch between social media networks. All metrics are gone and engagement happens via private commenting to discourage spam and respect privacy.

Additional requirements:


Before Facebook can read your mind (see 10 years roadmap).

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September 28, 2018