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The Interview

Local Glimpse Show S01e04 – Erwan Derlyn

We met with Erwan for the 4th episode of the Local Glimpse show! Former growth guy of iZettle and Hem, he now helps startups to market themselves. Turn on the sound and listen to this Frenchie talk Swedish tech vs French tech. Special shoutout to Natural Cycles and Sana Labs!

Publiée par Local Glimpse sur Jeudi 11 octobre 2018

About the Björn Borg effect

The Björn Borg effect on Swedish startups is best described by Niklas Zennström. The co-founder of Skype, now CEO and founding partner at Atomico, recently shared in an interview on TechCrunch “The Skype exit, I think, was a big milestone for Europe. We showed and proved you could build a [European] company that had a big value,” he says. “The thesis that we developed was that if we could do it then a lot of others can do it because we’re not that special; there’s a lot of people who are a lot smarter than we are. So we had the thesis that Europe will produce a lot of great companies in the future.”

About French unicorns

While France has some unicorns (Blablacar, OVH, Criteo…) none have been international successes like the Swedish Skype or Spotify. There are several factors that can explain it. This is something I regularly discuss in my columns on FrenchWeb and via my involvement with La French Tech. 

About Local Glimpse

This video interview is part of the Local Glimpse Show – a video series featuring Stockholm-based entrepreneurs.