Update: I’m joining Luminar Ventures as Operating Partner

Following this update, I received a lot of questions in private messages and I thought I could answer some of them here.

Who is Luminar Ventures?

Luminar Ventures is a $60M Swedish seed-stage Venture Capital firm founded by Magnus Bergman and Jacob Key in 2018. More info on the fund and the team.

What are their latest investments?

Luminar Ventures has made 14 investments since 2018. Their latest investments include Greenely (Energy), HiberWorld (Gaming), and Normative (Sustainability Reporting).

What is an Operating Partner and what will you do?

An operating partner is a term used by VCs to describe a role dedicated to working with portfolio companies to increase value. In my own words, my role will focus on advising and supporting the portfolio companies with their growth strategy, from organizational structure to hands-on work within user acquisition when needed.

So you will not be consulting any longer?

This is a part-time role and I will keep consulting.

Why did you choose to work with Luminar Ventures?

(1) An experienced team that I highly respect, that I can learn from, and with whom I share a similar set of values.
(2) An exciting portfolio of companies, where my expertise on growth can have a positive impact.
(3) A flexible setup that allows me to continue with my own projects within consulting, coaching, and education.

I have a startup, can I send you my pitch deck?

I’m not involved in the investment process but please do, I will be happy to forward it to the team (if relevant).

Photography: Monika Mróz, Online Content Editor at Hem.