What if I asked brilliant marketers around the world to tell us about their passion, routines, favorite tools, and best tips?

That was the idea behind Marketing Stories: a weekly series of interviews unveiling the secrets of today’s top marketers.

001 — Ilenia Martini, Co-founder and Visual Communication Strategist at Neni Studio.

002 — Eliot Robinson, Social Media Strategist for Gary Vaynerchuk.

003 — Jon Flobrant, Content Creator, and CEO at Björnhult.

004 — Ville Viinikka, Marketing Manager at Uber.

005 — Jenny Theolin, MA Programme Manager at Hyper Island.

006 — Arnaud Caillot, Digital Marketing Manager at Rebtel.

007 — Gustav Wessman, Head of Growth at Sellpy.

008 — Frida Ahrenby, Head of Growth Marketing at Bambora.

009 — Jonas Wimmerström, Content Manager at Ikano Bank Sweden.

010 — Ross Simmonds, Digital Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur.

011 — Joni Lindgren, Director of Growth at Rebel & Bird

012 — Louis Grenier, Content Marketing Strategist at Hotjar

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