The Power of Touchpoints

Be part of the conversation.

Believe me, marketing becomes much easier once you really understand the notion of touchpoint.

So many marketers give generic advice like “your audience is on LinkedIn” or “start an Instagram account because that’s where your potential customers are”.

A channel is not a touchpoint!

That’s exactly why a lot of marketing and content initiatives fail. You might be on the right channel, but you are not thinking about a specific touchpoint with your potential audience.

Let’s say that for example, you want to grow an Instagram account about basketball. A great touchpoint would be to start conversations in the comment section of already popular accounts like the NBA, Bleacher Report, or on the tops posts of the most popular hashtags. Same thing on LinkedIn, instead of sending a cold invite to connect with people you never met, add value with a comment on their latest publication or answer questions in popular groups.

Successful marketing is often about starting – or being part of – a conversation.

Join the conversation on LinkedIn or Twitter.